IPAD staking is flexible and has no lock. You can leave whenever you like. Staking does have a short cooldown period of 15 days, meaning once you want to unstake, you have to wait 15 days. Anyone who wants to immediately unstake can do so aswell. This skips the 15 days of cooldown. The penalty of that is 15%.

In order to fully benefit from our “Safeguard Policy” and receive subsequent vested allocations, stakers must remain staked. If anyone accidentally unstakes, our smart contract is monitored, and a 24-hour grace period is given to re-stake and still be considered for the next distribution without any penalty. Those who unstake and do not stake back within 24h will see their remaining portion withdrawn and sent to the treasury for our community’s benefit.

Those who are staking LPs and would like to unstake the LP, the 24h rule applies where the community member will have 24h to stake the $IPAD portion of the LP on staking.infinitypad.com Those who unstake an LP (from DAOSwap or from Thena) and do not stake back the $IPAD portion within 24h will see their remaining portion withdrawn and sent to the treasury for our community’s benefit.

It’s important to note that our “Safeguard Policy” protects our SHOs and stakers exclusively. If a refund is triggered, only our stakers will receive it, and any additional funds from those who unstake will be sent to the treasury to benefit the IPAD ecosystem. Our IPAD governance, represented by our stakers, will make a proposition for the best use of these funds.

If a staker decides to unstake, while the remaining portion is already under IPAD custody the remaining portion of vested tokens will be slowly liquidated to avoid affecting the token price. The funds will then be used to buy back $IPAD tokens, which will help the growth and health of IPAD as a whole. In this way, both stakers and unstakers will contribute to the emancipation of IPAD launchpad, with the ultimate goal of limiting the circulation of $IPAD while generating a source of ROI for our stakers.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best projects for launch while ensuring that our stakers do not lose their initial investment. By empowering our community to receive a greater allocation with more IPAD staked, we encourage those who have already seen a good return to qualify for an even bigger allocation by staking more IPAD tokens. At IPAD, we value trust and a strong relationship with our community, and we are committed to their long-term success. For more information on our “Safeguard Policy,” please refer to this article.

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