IPAD Token

Where can I buy IPAD tokens? Which is the most convenient place to buy ?

$IPAD is listed on Thena.fi and DAO Swap.

You can find the complete list of the purchase options on:


You can choose the best option based on your preferences and market conditions (i.e. liquidity).

What is the IPAD token contract address?

The IPAD Token contract address is 0xA7266989B0DF675cC8257d53B6bc1358fAF6626a. Alternatively, you can always refer to Coinmarketcap and Coingecko websites for official contract address.

Warning : Do not send tokens to the contract address or you will experience loss of funds.

How can I add IPAD tokens to my MetaMask wallet?

On MetaMask, select “Add Token”, then “Custom Token”; add the IPAD token contract address and confirm.

I am holding my IPAD tokens in my BSC wallet, am I eligible to participate in the upcoming SHOs?

No, simply holding IPAD tokens does not give you the possibility to be eligible for a SHO, but you need to stake tokens on https://staking.infinitypad.com. Only staked tokens will be counted for the SHO.

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