Associate Mining Program


  1. Register. (10 seconds process)

  2. Complete the task

  3. Earn Points redeemable for rewards.

It’s been more than a year since the Infinity PAD and its Ecosystem have been catapulted in the web3 scene. As a team, we’ve come a long way since then: from a new project to a well-established launchpad. We went through numberless additions thanks to our community’s insight and comments.

You, as a reader, are a big part of what has been and what will be the ammunition and the energy to keep IPAD locomotion going. While this journey is still in its infancy, YOU , as a community member, supported us in our ups and downs. And we are dedicated to enhance your user experience with what the market has best to offer. We are dedicated to expand and make room to more passengers in what we consider to be a distance running rather than a sprint. We are excited to announce to our members that a tool is being put in place. A tool that will help our growth as a community. A one that will involve all of us in promoting our guiding principles to become the most dominant launchpad.

Because we strive for excellence, we have created a Loyalty Mining Program to incentivize our members who are more active and support our community building efforts.


This program is designed in a way to give incremental rewards (in the form Allocations, Token Airdrops, preferential chances in SHOs, Guaranteed Allocations, Cashback and much more) and people can redeem their rewards for what they like. You get to choose how to be rewarded while increasing your social influence in media.

The members who are looking to become influencers, we have you covered. We will provide a tool that will help you produce more engagement and let you have the social weight you are meant to have.

What’s in it for you ?

  1. Associates can do tasks, gather points and redeem them for rewards (guaranteed allocations, cashback in participation fee, IPADs, Community Round allocations etc.)

  2. Associates gets to receive insights on undisclosed information.

  3. Associates gets to grow his-her influence in social media by having a task dedicated to his account (after reaching a certain level)

  4. Associates with higher points gets access to our beta products and they can get rewarded for the vulnerabilities they find

  5. Active & Loyal Users also get Merch delivered to their doorstep

  6. Get Featured on our socials and get to work with the team and our network

  7. Associates get to enter our lucky drops for our NFTs

  8. More active members are also recommended to our network of projects for community building and get additionally rewarded in the process

  9. As this program gets mature, users will have guided materials and tools at disposal to educate our community and join our decision making process for the program

How does the Loyalty Mining Program work ?

Inspired by the military hierarchy an standardization, the AMP tool does not care about your wealth, your followers, your size, beliefs, origin, ethnicity, background or sexual tastes. WE HOPE THIS IS CLEAR ENOUGH.

In the AMP Army, we all start like maggots and build up our reputation with the hard work we put forward. You do not need to invest, to be rich, to talk or to Hodl any good. We don’t ask you for money, we ask you for your loyalty towards your comrades This tool will allow YOU recruit to be engaged in a combat zone while earning your stripes.

We will make you part of a military corps whether you like it or not. You will become part of this family and earn respect. You will grow your influence in your surroundings and we will give you the ammunitions required to unleash your full firepower potential.

Enough said… Now enlistment.

First day of Draft.

The way it works simple, head to the Drill Sergeant’s office and interact with the BOT by pressing /START and follow the prompts to get started.

  1. You will be asked to tell us how did you hear about the IPAD AMP.

  2. It will then ask you to indicate your Twitter handle. (If you mess-up this step or any other step type /HELP and we will assist you)

That is all. You are now drafted.


Each time a new Mission is available, whether by initiated by our IPAD or one of our allies, you will receive mission instructions in DM.

Complete your assignment and press DONE once finished.

Be careful, AMP is smart, if you do not complete the Mission and press DONE, you will be called to order. We do not tolerate AWOLs and No reward will be given if you abort the mission.


Each mission entitles you to a certain number of points. Sometimes 100, sometimes 200 or even more. There is no limit to the number of points that can be offered. You will receive your bounty immediately after completing the discharge.


A point system has been set up to allow you to easily access your account balance. The /BALANCE command allows you to view your earnings at any time.


/REDEEM allows you to see all available prizes for which you can exchange your points from duty. Select one and enjoy.

Your Rank

It has been reported that the rank system is effective. We have therefore decided to push the development of the latter and to make the Associate Mining Program fun. Everyone starts at a Private Soldier. You must go up the ladder and earn your next rank. Two ways are available to you to change division:

  1. Accomplish tasks you will automatically be promised the next rank. After 20 missions

  2. Use your points to climb the levels faster: Every 1000 points allows you to go up in the hierarchy by 1 rank. You can redeem this prize at any time. (exchanging your points will get you to level up 200% faster for now.) To view your rank press /RANK

Seniority is your best asset. The respect you will be granted is the result of your rank, so the higher you are in the hierarchy, the more you will be allowed to make decisions concerning the ecosystem. Your rank also entitles you to better prices and NFTs linked to your rank.

Remember Soldier, It’s not about what Crypto can do for you…it’s about what YOU are willing to do for crypto.

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