Step by Step guide to buy $IPAD

$IPAD is the native token of Infinity Pad. For participating in projects on Infinity Pad, you will need to buy and stake $IPAD.

Here's a step by step guide on how to buy $IPAD

Step 1: Go to Thena interface

Open your web browser and navigate to the Thena website ( Make sure the URL is correct and be vigilant of phishing websites

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button located at the top right-hand side or in the swap interface

Choose a wallet of your choice from the given options

Step 3: Select $IPAD token

In the swap menu, Click on the token menu and then popup will appear. Search IPAD and select IPAD token

Step 4: Choose BUSD / IPAD Pair and Swap

Make sure to use BUSD / IPAD pair and enter the amount you wish to swap and then click on "Swap"

After clicking on Swap, there will be two transactions

  1. Approval transaction

  2. Swap transaction

Confirm both the transactions. Make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to be able to confirm the transactions.

Once the transaction has been validated, import the token contract of $IPAD (0xA7266989B0DF675cC8257d53B6bc1358fAF6626a) to view the tokens in your wallet.

For participating in project sales on Infinity Pad, you must stake your tokens to get allocations. To know more, check our staking guide

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