What are the unstake fees?

IPAD staking is flexible and has no lock. You can leave whenever you like. Staking does have a short cooldown period of 15 days, meaning once you want to unstake, you have to wait 15 days. Anyone who wants to immediately unstake can do so as well. This skips the 15 days of cooldown. The penalty of that is 15%.

Do I lose my vested tokens if I unstake my IPAD?

Yes, you will lose your vested tokens. In order to fully benefit from our “Safeguard Policy” and receive subsequent vested allocations, stakers must remain staked. If anyone accidentally unstakes, our smart contract is monitored, and a 24-hour grace period is given to re-stake and still be considered for the next distribution without any penalty. Those who unstake and do not stake back within 24h will see their remaining portion withdrawn and sent to the treasury for our community’s benefit.

Can I unstake after each SHO?

You need to remain staked to receive subsequent vested allocations. If you unstake and do not stake back within 24 hour, you lose your vested tokens

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