Public SHOs

Opening up to the whole world of Crypto

The Public SHO allows ANYONE to be part of a Strong Holder Offering.


Good trades are made on the BUYING price, not on the SELLING price. And what better price can there be, than the presale price before the token is even listed ? But, there's a catch...

To be able to take part in launchpad “presales”, a user usually needs to first invest in the said launchpad that is having the offer; then this same user needs to stake tokens in a smart contract. All that while hoping that the initial investment doesn’t plummet and while dealing with a uncertainties like:

“On what chain?”. “ In what tier?”, “should I stake LPs?”. “Is it FCFS?”, “will it dump?”, “Is there a better launchpad?”, “Will they rug?” etc… the list goes on and on…

An endless set of questions that turns desires into fears, confidence into caution, FOMO into FUD and profit into loss… not encouraging for the majority of enthusiasts


This is changed with the new model, opening the gates for unlimited investment opportunities for crypto holders. Users don't need to commit in an unsecure Smart contract, thus removing the possibility of Staked-value-loss. Our new model gives users freedom of movement while simplifying processes for non initiated users…

With the Public SHO, Infinity Pad can be used to join Strong Holder Offerings by ANYONE meeting the following criteria:

  1. Register an account and complete KYC.

  2. Hold a minimum of $500 worth of ANY token in your MetaMask. (no staking needed)

  3. Contribute with $BUSD to the amount you have won if you are selected

That’s right! Absolutely any EVM-compatible token counts towards the total $500. If your overall portfolio matches or exceeds this, you can participate in the Public SHOs at no additional cost. In other words, users do not need to Stake any token on!

Your tokens never leave your wallet, for you to be able to participate. Moreover, they can even be staked on other DeFi platforms or Farms — all staking contracts integrated on are already supported!


  1. For Projects : Infinity PAD will act as an IDO aggregator. This equates to having access to virtually an unlimited number of participants. View it as launching on all launchpads at once, allowing Developers to tap into all communities under one roof:

  2. For General Users : We facilitate access and allow anyone to be part of our sales for free and without any commitment. Users who wishes to take part in this round need to : Register for an account and complete a KYC process on and have a total wallet value of at least $5500 (any asset, as long as it’s EVM compatible)

  3. For IPAD Users : In addition to participating in the sale intended only for those holding IPADs, our members will also have the chance to participate in the Public SHO with an edge : A 3x multiplier. Your IPADs USD value will be multiplied by 3 by our Algorithm, making your chances of winning a Public SHO far superior when compared to those holding other assets.

Participation Fee

Since there is virtually no cost, but a considerable upside to be earned by participating in Public SHOs, all winners will automatically be deducted 15% participation fee. IPAD stakers will have a 33% reduction on this fee. This is to strengthen the $IPAD Ecosystem and associated projects.

These fees will be used to energize Infinity PAD Ecosystem:

  • Locked to decrease our Native Token circulating supply

  • Burned to permanently decrease $IPAD supply

  • Added to the Staker’s rewards for a greater APY thus benefitting $IPAD and LP stakers.

Wallet Score

  • Wallet Score (score is (value/1000) token weighting)

  • Wallet score is determined by the total value of all crypto assets stored in your EVM-connected wallet. Assets on the following chain's assets are being scanned: Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom and Polygon.

  • Each asset in your wallet has a cap. If you have $1M of 1 asset, that specific asset will be capped to a nominal value.

  • Your wallet score also depends on behaviour. Long term holders tend to get a better score.

Social Score

Users can increase their total score by following the socials of the project and then connecting their account on Infinity Pad.

Referral Score

Users can invite their friends to participate in Public SHOs via their referral link and both user and his friend gets a 100% boost in your total wallet score.

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