What is IPAD SHO ?

IPAD SHO is the token offering format, with its guaranteed allocations system, reserved for IPAD token stakers.

You need to stake minimum 50000 IPAD tokens to be eligible to participate in IPAD SHO's. The more you stake, the higher your guaranteed allocation. Check Staking FAQ to learn more

How many IPAD tokens you need to stake for Infinity Pad SHOs? Is staking more IPAD besides the minimum have any benefits?

You need to stake atleast 50000 IPAD to participate in the SHOs held on Infinity Pad. Your allocatin is directly proportional to your staked IPAD. The more IPAD you stake, the higher your allocation.

Does IPAD SHOs gives Guaranteed Allocations ?

Yes, IPAD SHOs follow a guaranteed allocation system. More IPAD you stake, higher your allocation. Learn more about Guaranteed Allocations

How does the Guaranteed Allocation System works?

With a minimum stake of 50000 $IPAD, you are eligible to contribute to IPAD SHOs.

The more you stake, the higher your guaranteed allocations and max deposit limit.

You can deposit up to x4 your estimated guaranteed allocation. The more you deposit, the more additional allocation on top of your guaranteed allocation you will get. The estimated guaranteed allocation depends on the total fundraise, expected connected total staked $IPAD, and of course your staked $IPAD.

If you are interested in the in-depth explanation of the Guaranteed Allocation System, you can read more about it HERE.

Can I contribute multiple times ?

Yes, once an SHO opens, it is possible to contribute multiple times until your maximum deposit limit is reached. Your maximum deposit limit depends on the amount of your total IPAD staked.

You can increase your maximum deposit limit, by staking more $IPAD.

How can I participate in a SHO?

A few days before any new SHO, detailed guidelines are released on the official telegram group. Anyway, to participate in each SHO you have to meet the following requirements:

Due to legal reasons, some Countries are restricted and won't be able to participate to the sales. Countries excluded from participation are always indicated in the SHO guidelines some days before the SHO starts.

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