Research & Contribute

After you have completed all the above steps, you can participate in SHO

Spend some time researching the project before investing in it. Once you are done researching, click on the “Participate” for the SHO you wish to join. Find an example below

After clicking on “Participate” , you will be redirected to Deposit screen where you can contribute upto your maximum allocation. The more IPAD tokens you stake, the higher your guaranteed allocation and maximum deposit amount will be.

Click on “Deposit” and then enter the amount you wish to contribute and then approve and deposit your contribution.

Note : You can deposit any number of times up to your maximum contribution until registration closes.

All these contributions are safeguarded by our protection and price drop policy. In case it is triggered, user receives full or partial refund depending on the situation.

Once registrations are closed, contract will calculate if sale is over-subscribed or under-subscribed. In the case of an under-subscribed sale, all users who made a contribution will receive the same allocation as the amount of BUSD they deposited. If the total deposits exceed the total raise, the sale is considered over-subscribed. In this case, the smart contract calculates the allocation of user and refunds the remaining amount within a few minutes after contributions are closed.

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