Safeguard Policy

We have implemented new Safeguard rules that provide more comprehensive and strict protection for the community.


  • requires any given project to stay above SHO for 24 hours after the listing. Only then the first portion of funds will be released.

  • If a project maintains 5x or more for 1 hour within 24 hours of TGE, then safeguard doesn’t apply (Vesting of the project must be 30% or more on listing)

  • If a project maintains 10x for 24 consecutive hours, then safeguard doesn’t apply.

  • Until 40% of the supply is released, the 24h rule will apply to each vesting date.

  • Projects must manage to maintain a price that is not less than 80% of SHO price. No token shall fall bellow this value for any 12 consecutive hours

Projects will get their funds according to the public vesting

Till the 3rd vesting, projects will get the funds raised according to the same Public Round vesting schedule. This will ensure that no breach in our refunds is possible and that even if the project party refuses to subscribe to our protocols and dismisses the refund, Infinity Pad will have the liquidity necessary to cover any kind of misdemeanor from underdelivering teams.

Projects will be strongly encouraged to use a well known Market Maker and provide a minimum of 500k USD Value in LP ($250k worth of token paired with $250k of a stable coin)

Onboarded projects will be required to share an audit and/or agree to be audited.

In addition to the above-mentioned ruleset, we reserve the right to add more rules that will help our community to strive for a safe environment for as long as market conditions allow.


For Projects

  • Projects will be able to demonstrate the value of their Vision to our community and give confidence to the investors, thus turning them into strong holders for their projects, by showcasing both their transparency and their foundation to a base of already interested users.

  • We believe that active users are a crucial factor for a newly launched project, and a strong base of high-quality, highly-interactive users is the best way to promote the development of the project, with this approach, a team can build a strong extended community and a sizeable chunk of faithful investors freely promoting the project strengths by themselves.

For IPAD Users

  • Users will get a refund when the project’s token if above expectations are not met.

  • Retails can support the projects with little downside thanks to these fail-safes.

  • Minimizes the risk of investing in a new project, giving further confidence to newly integrated members of the space.

We are a multichain launchpad and accelerator that provides all the necessary tools for startups to bootstrap, energize and reach their full potential, giving at the same time the chance to gain early access to the most strictly vetted projects on the market, to multiple different communities… All this while safeguarding our userbase from the more unsavory sides of the DeFi world.

New addition as per 1st of October 2022: If any launchpad process a refund due to their Protection policy, we reserve the right to consider a refund even though our policy limit has not been reached.

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