What is the benefit of Infinity Pad for token holders?

Those who stake IPAD will be able to join the token sales of the projects which are held at Infinity Pad, and get allocations from these projects before they release to the market.

How do I get a guaranteed allocation in Infinity Pad ?

All IPAD SHOs are guaranteed allocations. More staking, more allocation. Learn more about Guaranteed Allocations

How do I participate in SHOs held by Infinity Pad ?

You can check the universal participation guidelines from here.

Do I have to register for each SHO?

Yes. This way we can ensure only stakers who want to participate are considered for the allocations.

How do I find the token address for the project I just invested in?

The official address will be shared by the respective projects in their official channels. You can get project socials from their research page on

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